NEWS:  VKY announces  strategic partnership with SOROCO

Posted by Comms Team

VKY Intelligent Automation is excited to announce our new technology partnership with Soroco, a global work graph platform leader to enhance our Process and Task mining capabilities within our current automation solutions that we provide to organisations worldwide.

About Soroco

Soroco, named in the Gartner 2022 Market Guide for Task Mining tools, has partnered with more than 25 Fortune 500 companies to build scalable, connected process transformation programs.

The maturity of Process Mining has benefited organisations in understanding how their enterprise tools work, but leaves a gap in understanding the last mile of users' interactions at work that also includes customer applications and productivity tools.      These encompass tasks, process, teams, documents and applications that can only be reviewed with technologies like Task Mining.

Alex Croucher, VKY Intelligent Automation Director says ..

"We're really excited about partnering with Soroco.    As we continue to grow and scale our automation business globally their technology should prove invaluable.    

Task and process mining is becoming a crucial part of our discovery process, particularly across our large enterprise clients.   We love the fact it compliments the RPA platforms we work with such as UiPath and should help us track the results we can achieve for our customers."

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Intelligent Automation is transforming businesses across the globe, and non hi-tech organisations are only just learning of its capability. We are seeing more and more organisations adopting this technology to carry out manual repetitive processes to improve their productivity, efficiency, accuracy, resilience and compliance.

There will always be an opportunity to automate processes within your organisation.

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