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Local Governments

Prioritise high-value projects and improve citizen services

Automation can process complex paperwork and save you money, all to improve your citizen services.


Automation Benefits

Resolve issues faster and streamline internal processes

Intelligent automation allows you to free up employees time and provide more dedicated support to citizens.


Prioritise projects

Prioritise the projects that really matter to your citizens by reducing the resources required for routine duties.


Do more with your budget

Automation can cut costs by minimising time spent on everyday tasks, meaning you can do more valued work with your budget.


Save time on paperwork

Automation can process paperwork at rapid rates, increasing your workflow efficiency and minimising human error.


Improve citizen services

With quick response times to queries, automation delights citizens with intuitive and personable service.


Your trusted automation partner

With hundreds of documents passing through each day and high expectations to deliver projects on time, local governments have a lot to gain from intelligent automation.

We're understand the pressures you face and are experienced in governance with referenceability in the public sector.


We help you maximise your operating efficiency and improve compliance and data accuracy with guaranteed cost-neutrality.

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We’ll help you craft a business case and create an automation pipeline prioritising areas where automation can have the most impact, fast.


At VKY, intelligent automation isn’t about replacing people. It’s about doing more, and delivering more, with the talent and resource you have.

Case study

City of Edinburgh Council

City of Edinburgh Council were struggling with long hours spent on paperwork, and not enough in-house technical expertise to automate them.

We worked with them to create more than 40 powerful automated processes delivering in excess of £5M of benefits, including a mix of FTE and budget reductions. As well as this, VKY’s Email Triage Bot processes over 10,000 emails a month, freeing up 1FTE and removing a key worker dependency.


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