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Public Sector

Improve citizen services and reduce cost

Our intelligent automation solutions reduce the cost of operation, remove inefficiency, and give teams more capacity to focus on the important deliverables while better serving citizens. 
An approved Government Supplier and ISO 27001 accredited organisation, VKY have designed, implemented, and optimised automation for the public sector across Scotland.


Customer Story

City of Edinburgh Council

Edinburgh chose to work with VKY to deliver an end-to-end email triage automation solution that was implemented across 13 mailboxes in just 8 weeks including optimisations.

VKY also assisted in the delivery of Northgate Revenue and Benefits API solutions, which made processes for staff and citizens significantly faster and smoother.

In addition, VKY assisted in the delivery of active directory automation for the communications team.

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Intelligent Automation

Managed service package made for the Public Sector

After listening to our customers' needs in Local Authorities, we have designed an intelligent automation managed service offering at an entry-level cost that can be tailored to fit any budget or requirement.


Blueprint service

Out the box, VKY's managed service provides the intelligent automation of core business processes identified across most local authorities.


VKY absorbs the cost

Our entry-level pricing means anyone can get started with intelligent automation, regardless of budget constraints.


Lasting partnership

We will support, and where required resource, your automation journey. Helping you and your team transition to automation self-sufficiency. 


Improve citizen services

With our quickest implementation times starting at just 5 weeks, from discovery to live, it's easy to make a fast positive impact for citizens.

Customer Story


West Lothian Council - Finance Department

Our work with West Lothian Council reduced their revenue forecast time from three days to a few minutes. This resulted in a 14 percent productivity gain, delivered in just one week.

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Your trusted automation partner

With hundreds of documents passing through each day and high expectations to deliver projects on time, local governments have a lot to gain from intelligent automation.

We're understand the pressures you face and are experienced in governance with referenceability in the public sector.


We help you maximise your operating efficiency and improve compliance and data accuracy with guaranteed cost-neutrality.

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We’ll help you craft a business case and create an automation pipeline prioritising areas where automation can have the most impact, fast.


At VKY, intelligent automation isn’t about replacing people. It’s about doing more, and delivering more, with the talent and resource you have.

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