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Automation in Automotive: Use Cases

Use cases for automation and conversational AI in motor dealers

Why integration is the key to conversational AI success

How to make sure conversational AI is a success by using robotic processing automation to integrate with other systems

AI - The Guardian Angel of Contact Centres?

Why changes in industries are nothing new. Views from 19th Century theory when looking at contact centre delivery and AI

NEWS: VKY saves consumers 325,000 hours on hold

How organisations are powering their customer service with AI and automation

Generative AI in contact centres. What's the benefit?

The benefits of generative AI in contact centres

6 reasons to use AI and automation in customer service

How to stay competitive and increase customer loyalty with AI and automation.

AI and Automation: Definitions and Similarities

What are the key differences and similarities of AI and automation?

Why AI projects fail?

Blog: How to succeed in AI project planning

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Economics of Automation

The Economics of Automation

In the latest tech blog from VKY we discuss the economic impact of Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process...