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Blog: Transform your document processing in Under 5 Minutes

In this technical blog we will provide insight into the methods used by VKY Automation to transform document processing...

Intelligent Automation document processing with UiPath
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    Blog: Leveraging UiPath .NET integration to build JSON

    Read the VKY blog when we explore the problems with building JSON requests in automations, then discover a flexible...

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    VKY Intelligent Insights Newsletter: Issue 1

    Welcome to VKY Intelligent Insights the new monthly newsletter with all the latest automation and tech news and events...

    Blog:  Benefits of  Conversational AI and Chatbot Solutions

    Find out how you can transform the way your organisation connects with its customers and employees by deploying...


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    VKY will be exhibiting at FutureScot Digital Scotland 2022 - Get your free complimentary ticket today!

    Meet Team VKY at FutureScot - Digital Scotland 2022

    Meet Team VKY at the largest annual conference for public sector technology professionals in Scotland, held live and...

    NEWS:  VKY announces  strategic partnership with SOROCO

    VKY Intelligent Automation, Scotland's leading automation service provider, announces it's new technology partnership...

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    Utilities companies are on the hunt for ways to save money. Find out 5 processes that need automating to cut operating...

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    Automation provides a wealth of possibilities for accounting. But what are the benefits? Find out in our blog.

    Council budget cuts: how local government can do more with less through intelligent automation

    Intelligent automation empowers local government to get more done even with council budget cuts. Read our blog to learn...

    Why now is the best time for your organisation to embrace intelligent automation

    Now’s the time to implement intelligent automation into your business. Find out more in this blog.