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Why now is the best time for your organisation to embrace intelligent automation

Now’s the time to implement intelligent automation into your business. Find out more in this blog.

    How intelligent automation helps councils provide better services for citizens

    Intelligent automation can help councils improve services for their citizens, even in this time of budget constraints....

    Hyperautomation: what is it and why should you care

    Hyperautomation will deliver a myriad of benefits to companies that choose to modernise. Learn more by reading our blog.

    UiPath DevCon 2020 - Innovation on Display

    UiPath DevCon 2020: Innovation on Display. Read a short summary of VKY's key takeaways from this year's technical...


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    Hiring: Graduate Apprentice Automation Developer

    VKY is hiring a Graduate Apprentice Automation Developer in Glasgow. You will earn a degree from a leading University...

    Automating Delphi Applications with UiPath: Top Tips

    Maximise the effectiveness of your UiPath automations on Delphi legacy appplications with VKY's Top Tips. Mitigate the...

    C-19: Creating Frontline Capacity Through Automation

    To combat and mitigate the impacts of C-19, organisations around the world are creating frontline capacity through...

    Coronavirus: Automate Key Person Dependencies

    To mitigate Coronavirus impacts, organisations must prioritise automation of processes with key person dependencies...

    Ascensos Chooses VKY for Contact Centre Automation

    Ascensos, Europe's leading contact centre innovators, have been utilising VKY to set up their Intelligent Automation...

    VKY to Sponsor Digital Scotland 2020

    VKY announced as sponsor of the AI, Data and Automation stream at Digital Scotland 2020 in association with FutureScot,...