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AI and Automation: Definitions and Similarities

What are the key differences and similarities of AI and automation?

Why AI projects fail?

Blog: How to succeed in AI project planning

Read the latest VKY blog which looks to outline some of the common challenges organisations face when implementing AI...

Economics of Automation

The Economics of Automation

In the latest tech blog from VKY we discuss the economic impact of Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process...

Blog: How do you accurately calculate the cost and time savings delivered by Automation?

Read the latest VKY tech blog where we calculate the cost and time savings of RPA. Who benefits most from Automation?...

Intelligent Automation document processing with UiPath

Blog: Transform your document processing in Under 5 Minutes

In this technical blog we will provide insight into the methods used by VKY Automation to transform document processing...

JSON code

Blog: Leveraging UiPath .NET integration to build JSON

Read the VKY blog when we explore the problems with building JSON requests in automations, then discover a flexible...

Blog:  Benefits of  Conversational AI and Chatbot Solutions

Find out how you can transform the way your organisation connects with its customers and employees by deploying...

Why now is the best time for your organisation to embrace intelligent automation

Now’s the time to implement intelligent automation into your business. Find out more in this blog.

How to carry out a business automation cost benefit analysis

Looking to accelerate your business automation efforts? Run through these five cost-benefit analysis metrics first.