AI and Intelligent automation for customer service

Technology and contact centre outsourcing

AI and Intelligent Automation that supports operational efficiency, employee experience, and customer satisfaction. VKY's AI-powered contact centres use technology as the foundation, to fully assist our agents in next-level service delivery.

Our customers can choose between buying our technology solutions to implement with in-house teams, or buying contact centre outsourcing and using our agents to scale up and down with demand, or buying both.

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We provide generative and conversational AI, Intelligent Automation, and business process outsourcing for customer service and internal operations. Keep scrolling to read example use cases in each of our solutions.


VKY AI-Powered Contact Centres

Deliver 30% more productivity using UK-based agents enabled by AI and automation.


Intelligent Automation

Let automation do the boring work so your team can deliver more value to customers.

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Customer Service AI

Assisting your agents to deliver a fast, compliant, empathetic customer service. 


AI Email Assist

Use AI to help sort, translate, summarise, and triage email traffic.

Use Cases

Here are some ideas on how you might use AI and Intelligent Automation in your organisation.


Email triage & translation

Customers use AI Email Assist to sort, translate, summarise, prioritise, and route emails to the correct person or department.

The solution understands the customer's mood and provides the best next response to the customer service agent. Where appropriate, auto-responses can be triggered. AI Email Assist can highlight trends, patterns, and red flags to make email an effective customer service channel.

On average AI Email Assist gives a 33% productivity gain and greater speed to resolution.


Digital service delivery

Working with international airlines, we've fully automated the refund process for canceled or rescheduled flights.

Local authorities use our chatbots and intelligent automation to enable citizens to easily report services like missed bin collections. This type of use case is also translated to patient appointment booking services in the NHS and customer reservations across hospitality and travel. 

Customer service teams get up to 40% more time to spend helping customers with more complex enquiries. 


Caller ID & verification

We use Intelligent Automation and AI to automatically identify and verify whose calling before the customer is connected to an agent.

Handling all important security and administration checks, the solution can go a step further and provide the agent with the caller's intent as well as their mood, using sentiment analysis.  

This increases speed to resolution by up to 15% and makes for a much more enjoyable and meaningful experience for both the caller and the agent. 


We work with you to layer AI and Intelligent Automation onto your existing infrastructure so each solution we build is made to order, without the bespoke price tag. Our skilled team of UK-based developers and tech leaders work with you to understand your business, team, and customers to ensure easy integration, adoption, compliance, and efficiency. 

AI Email Assist impact

The VKY solution has enabled us to deploy over a third of our service team into proactive roles that add more value to customers whilst increasing the efficiency and customer satisfaction of email as a service channel. 

George Potaris
Operations Director @ Inchora

AI in the Contact Centre

The VKY solution has almost eradicated wait times in our contact centres, and significantly enhanced the end users' experience. VKY was a natural fit for us because of their experience within the contact centre industry.

Theresa Lawson
CEO @ ESP Group

Digital Transformation

With VKY as our partner, we’re fostering a culture of curiosity and a vision for our digital strategy where we flip the lens on process design to ‘Automation by Default’. Instead of asking ‘why would we automate’, we are increasingly asking ‘why wouldn’t we automate’ to empower our people to deliver more value

Colleen Henderson
Change Manager @ Aberdeenshire Council

OVO Energy

We partnered with OVO Energy’s Boost business and have successfully helped them to better serve vulnerable customers, reduce their handling times and costs, and increase compliance and self-serve.


Aberdeenshire Council 

"With VKY as our partner, we’re fostering a culture of curiosity and a vision for our digital strategy where we flip the lens on process design to ‘Automation by Default’ to empower our people to deliver more value." Colleen Henderson, Aberdeenshire Council.


West Lothian Council - Finance Department

We reduced West Lothian Council’s revenue forecast time from three days to a few minutes. This resulted in a 14 percent productivity gain, delivered in just one week.


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We believe in UiPath’s mission of accelerating human achievement. It enables our in-house team UiPath certified developers to build automation solutions that give people more capacity whilst increasing operational efficiency and compliance.


Gartner Magix Quadrant Leader for Enterprise Conversational AI, Cognigy enables VKY to deliver customer service models that surpass expectations, acting as a virtual assistant for contact centre agents so people can deliver more value in less time.


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Watch this expert panel discussion with Google, VKY, and Equator for use cases and implementation tips for AI in customer service.

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