Apr 14, 2020 3:15:31 PM

C-19: Creating Frontline Capacity Through Automation

Posted by Comms Team

Organisations are Creating Frontline Capacity Through Automation to Combat the Impacts of C-19.


C-19 poses a unique and unprecedented threat to life, health, wellbeing, business and the overall economy.  Within each of these categories there are innumerable specific problems which require a range of solutions.


Some problems can be solved or partially mitigated through the use of automation.  We have seen well documented examples from the Mater Hospital in Dublin using UiPath to automate necessary administration within key infection control processes, freeing up specialised nursing resources.


Recently, VKY's MD Alex Croucher wrote an article for the quarterly FutureScot Magazine which was distributed in The Times Scotland and online about how the tech industry has mobilised resources to help organisations who are experiencing difficulties resulting from Covid-19.  To read the article, please follow the link below to the FutureScot site.




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