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Video Clip: Connected RPA

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Where is Intelligent Automation Going over the next 12 months?  Connected RPA


Here is a snippet from an interview with Alex Croucher at the recent Digit Intelligent Automation Summit in Edinburgh where he provided his insight on what to expect from Intelligent Automation over the next 12 months: Connected RPA.  Thanks to Digit.fyi for the footage and for organising a great event!


[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="https://vkyautomation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Digit-Intelligent-Automation-Summit_Medium.mp4"][/video]


Here is the transcript from the clip:


As Intelligent Automation develops over the next 12 months, we’ll see more and more in the way of chatbots being connected to RPA solutions and further connecting via APIs to wider data sets and even to google search for example.  This will augment the intelligence of the RPA solutions which exist today, providing organisations with a much more connected virtual user.


Intelligent Automation Predictions


On the theme of predictions, in January 2019, VKY published a short series of predictions for the year ahead.  Some of those have already proved to be accurate.  You can find out more about what to expect in the world of  Intelligent Automation and RPA here:


2019 Automation Predictions 1 of 3


2019 Automation Predictions 2 of 3


2019 Automation Predictions 3 of 3


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