UiPath DevCon 2020 - Innovation on Display

Posted by Allan Hendry

UiPath DevCon 2020 is over for this year, and there were a lot of great new advances on display.  It’s a pretty exciting time to be a UiPath developer.  RPA as a platform is maturing and the depth of the innovation is great to see.  This innovation enables developers to provide higher quality solutions to a broader range of problems, incorporating more complex data and building on existing technologies.

AI Fabric Enhancements

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models are becoming increasingly easier to adopt.  Whether it’s the ‘intelligent’ reading of emails and documents to extract their values or the building and training of  ML models within AI Fabric, UiPath simplifies the implementation.  The ability to incorporate machine-learning simply into workflows is so powerful because frees ML from being difficult to grasp and difficult to implement esoteric subject to one that can be taken "off the shelf" and applied to more and more use cases.


Many existing automations have proven to be brittle, often requiring Subject Matter Expertise or Developer knowledge to manually spell out the hard and fast rules in detail to find screen components, but we can now use the new ‘context-aware’ methods to select components which auto-creates anchors when needed, greatly simplifying and streamlining workflows.

Computer Vision

The CV demonstration displayed the ease with which 'image-based' windows can be automated. Remote Desktop Connections, and terminal windows that present an image of another machine without access to the services which generated the view have always been very difficult to automate.  UIPaths latest CV components are a very clever way to interpret the screen and to pull out the parts you need to interact with.  Best of all is that it works on the local desktop without the need for a to call an external server, which, for all clients with sensitive data is a barrier to adoption.

Visual Studio

A new visual studio template for building your own Activities within UiPath has been developed and this was demonstrated at the conference.  It’s now easier than ever to incorporate and exploit the full power of the .net language directly within your automations.

There's much more besides, we are going to be busy learning how to leverage it all…

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