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Video Clip: Connected RPA

Wondering what's next for Intelligent Automation technology? Watch the clip to find out about Connected RPA and where...

    News: VKY Sponsoring FutureScot DigitalScotland 2019

    VKY will be sponsoring the FutureScot DigitalScotland 2019 event in Glasgow on 30th May. We will be presenting an...

    News: VKY Sponsoring Digit Intelligent Automation Conference

    VKY - Scotland's leading independent Intelligent Automation consultany - to sponsor Scotland's first ever Digit...

    2019 Automation Trends 3 of 3

    In this third and final article in the series, VKY share their intelligent automation predictions for 2019. This time...


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    2019 Automation Predictions 2 of 3

    More intelligent automation predictions for 2019 from VKY featuring SMEs and Migrations

    2019 Automation Predictions 1 of 3

    The first in a short series of articles featuring VKY's intelligent automation predictions for 2019

    The 4 Day Week - VKY Investigates

    Will Intelligent Automation and AI enable a 4 day week? The TUC claims Yes! VKY Intelligent Automation investigates the...

    The Benefits of Intelligent Automation

    The benefits of intelligent automation for organisations across all sectors including productivity, customer...

    Intelligent Automation: What is it?

    Intelligent Automation: what is it? Have you heard people talking about it and want to find out why? This short blog...